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Thank you to our sponsors and to those that attended the 2023 Tech Expo. We look forward to your support at our Fall Summit.

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The MS Technology User Group (MSTUG) is a non-profit trade association, whose members work in state, local and education technology jobs for the State of Mississippi. MSTUG was formed in October of 2009 to unite state and local IT professionals to promote efficiency in Mississippi government through the use of effective technology solutions. We strive to enhance the missions of each entity by sharing knowledge and ideas, thereby enabling each agency to accomplish their respective goals. By fostering a cooperative working environment we mutually benefit our members and our vendors. A major MSTUG mission component is providing education to our members, especially of products, services, and practices. Our membership participation is a major factor in our being able to fulfill this objective.

“Joining MSTUG has been a game changer.”

– every. Single. Member.

“There have been some events where they have bacon. Lots of bacon.”

– 2nd vice president